We are a Richmond Hill based company founded by a small but highly motivated group of parents and Montessori educators who have experienced first hand, the magic of Montessori method in the academic achievements of our children. And we are committed to making it available to the community in Richmond Hill and surrounding areas in the most effective, affordable and flexible manner. 

​​Your child has been given a gift of nature - 
a brief window of opportunity - which Dr. Maria Montessori called the Sensitive Period where there is an intrinsic desire, almost a compulsion, to achieve perfection through repetition. This sensitivity is only for a certain period and can be employed to realize 'explosive' growth and development in your child by giving a rich, stimulating and respectful environment. We are here to help with that. 

Education ministries in British Columbia and Alberta have brought some aspects of Montessori education into certain public schools. But in Ontario, Montessori programs are not incorporated into the public system. Montessori Experience aims to bridge that gap by providing this unique learning opportunity.

Montessori Experience Inc.   Unit-11, 604 Edward Avenue, Richmond Hill L4S 0V4

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