Montessori Experience Inc.  

Unit-11, 604   Edward Avenue, Richmond Hill L4C 9Y7   (416) 560-0611

One Session per Week
The program consists of a 1-hour session every week. We cover both math and language through one-on-one presentations by Montessori teachers. This is followed-up with Montessori-based worksheets to provide additional practice in the class.  

We provide homework based on what is covered in the working sessions with the child in the classroom. The child will not require any help from the parents apart from logistics around sitting and finishing the work.

Group Learning v/s One-on-One
All lessons are one-on-one, where the teacher presents a Montessori work to the child demonstrating the detailed way to carry out an exercise. The child then explores the materials from many different perspectives to gain a complete understanding of the concept. This also involves solving worksheets as a direct extension of this Montessori work. The overall program runs in small groups with one Montessori certified teacher dedicated to 3 or less children at any time. The small group ensures that the child gets personalized attention from the teacher while the other students in the group also contribute to the learning process by keeping it vibrant and energetic.


Program Fee

Our fee is $100 per month on a month-to-month basis. We also provide tutoring for higher grades all the way up to High School, in both Math and English, at the same $100 per month fee.